Old Main Frame Shop has one the largest selection of not just PSU art but vintage PSU art. Who remembers November 12, 1983 when PSU beat Notre Dame 34-30 at Beaver Stadium? How about the win over Boston College November 3, 1984. Doug Flutie hit the 10,000 yard career total that day but ultimately it was Penn State that won that day. As you can see in both of these games the goal post didn’t last long on the field.

Remember when khaki whale pants were all the rage in the early 80’s? Even JoePa got into the act. They were a nice addition to his usual plain khaki’s but he still kept the black Nike’s – no matter what pants he happened to be wearing. Speaking of fashion – no one can deny that Paul “Bear” Bryant had that area all to himself. Check out this hat and sports jacket combo from November 14, 1981 when Alabama travelled to Beaver Stadium.

All of these image are our picks for this Homecoming Weekend. Photographer Pat Little captured some great football memories of the 80’s.

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