THON — in pursuit of a cure.

When children are diagnosed with cancer, their families are impacted immensely. The emotional work seems never-ending. This is why Penn State dedicates 46 hours each February to enhance the lives of children affected by the disease. THON is a student-run philanthropy that not only provides emotional support and financial aid to families but also spreads awareness about childhood cancer.

With more than 16,500 student volunteers, THON provides research funding for a cure. Accumulated into a 46-hour dance marathon with no sitting or sleeping, the philanthropy’s year-long efforts come to light. As the biggest student-run charity in the world, THON has helped 3,700 families and donated 147,000,000 dollars.

We love THON just as much as you, so learn more about the cause and how you can donate to help find a cure. Every donation, every dance marathon and every event helps us get one step closer to letting children live their dreams to the fullest potential.

THON 2018 Picture-Perfect Moments

Your efforts, care and compassion for volunteering at THON mean much more than a dollar sign. You give kids and their families a chance to forget about cancer for a little while and enjoy life. From dancing and acting to fashion shows and pep rallies, Penn State students create a memorable weekend for everyone involved. Dancers who perform on stage will never forget the moments they shared with the children dancing in excitement and their fellow supportive classmates by their side.

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FTK etched glass with PSU logo

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Penn State THON Pictures From Old Main Frame Shop

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THON 2018 Picture Frame

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