There are many different matting techniques, bottom weighted mats, multiple opening mats & specialty mats. Old Main Frame Shop chooses the best way to mat your art, photographs & memorabilia.

Bottom weighted mats have a wider border below the art. The top and the sides are smaller and all the same size. This is a classic technique – which is still used today. Art work that contains dark colors, large shapes or textures bottom weighting can give the piece a more dramatic look. There are times when bottom weighting can make any work of art look dramatic creating a timeless and classic style.

Multiple opening mats can accommodate multiple items in one mat. This is a classic way to show a progression of photographs, objects & memorabilia.

Mats are available in hundreds of colors. The staff at Old Main Frame Shop pull the colors from the art work, matches these colors with the mats to allow the focal point of the art work to stand out. This also helps create depth and a 3D effect in two dimensional art.  When a piece of art is matted correctly the art work will stand out & become an integral part of the room.