We all know what Penn State’s campus looks like but looking at it through the eyes of artist Dwight Harris gives you a whole new perspective. Harris received his B.A. from Penn State and has spent the last 25 years in the arts community, pursuing diverse and creative interests such as stand-up comedy and drawing cartoon strips. He now focuses on photography and what he calls digital painting, usually based on his photographs.

Harris worked up some wonderful pieces for Old Main Frame Shop of Penn State’s campus. He used his digital painting technique on recognizable landmarks and came up with original interpretations of the campus we all know and love. In addition to his Penn State art, Harris also has a full range of fun and colorful images available.

For any of Harris’ work Old Main Frame Shop would recommend keeping with the colorful and fun look Harris creates. This can be achieved with colorful matting and a simple silver metal frame. Or if you prefer simpler matting that is also an option. In that case we would suggest a fun frame with colors that complement those in the work.