Do you want a new fresh look?  We’ve picked some fun, fresh, and truly unique images. If you want to change an entire room these pieces are a great way to start. The first two are comprised of multiple images of nature. They evoke a sense of calm and peaceful solitude, a feeling of well-being and Zen mastery.

The other two images are by Barbara Rainforth, an artist who bridges the gap between landscape and abstract painting. Her images are full of vibrant structured color, yet they have an easy flow of energy. Her paintings are built on a solid foundation where she then plays with color, moving it around in a way that engages the viewer bringing out the plains of her work. In all of these works, beauty is found in a new and exciting way.

The best part about these works is that they can come in a variety of sizes – from small to filling an entire wall and are available on a variety of substrates. This means you can have each of these images printed on paper, canvas, bamboo, acrylic, and aluminum – with each substrate adding a new dimension to the work itself. You can look at these images and more at Studio El