480-Chicago-Shadow-Box-300x440Shadow boxes can incorporate just about any item; sports jerseys, uniforms,  tickets, military awards, jewelry, antique dolls, you name it. We can put just  about anything in a shadow box. Contact us today to get started on  preserving your memories. We will help you with the design and layout  options to make sure your shadow box turns out exactly the way you want  it to.

We want your memories to last a lifetime. When Old Main Frame Shop  creates a custom shadow box we choose not only the highest quality  materials such as acid free matting and U.V protected glass but we also  make sure the design and layout of the items in the shadow box work  together to tell a story. Don’t just store your memories in a box put them in  a shadow box so you can share them with your friends and family.

We incorporate creative choices of backdrops, added accents, design, multi-  stacked frames and mats. Old Main Frame Shop creates one- of- a- kind  shadowboxes. So bring us your child’s baby shoes, your letterman’s jacket,  your grandfather’s military uniform and medals. One of our designers will  consult with you to create a show stopping shadow box that will become a cherished family heirloom.

Have a signed football, basketball, or baseball? We have a solution for those too. Our sports cases are made of the  highest quality materials. Each base is made of real wood with your selection of finish. Our cases are also made of U.V.  protected glass so they won’t haze like acrylic cases. In addition to U.V. glass each of the panels of the case are held  together with glue that is also U.V. protected. Included in all these great features is the option for personalized  engraving on each case



100_54611-300x439Knowledge of frame styles and art periods is essential to the finished  framing product and how it fits into its environment. Art periods and  architectural styles are also key to providing the correct “whole” package.  Occasionally frame styles and art periods can intermingle but ultimately it is  the picture framer’s job to know the differences and how to apply them. A  keen interest in providing the right frame for the right piece enables the Old  Main Frame Shop & Gallery team to continually satisfy our customers’  needs and our own inherent need to be both creative and correct with  emphasis on preservation of your artwork. We will select the best  combination of matting and framing style to perfectly complement your  artwork selection. Each piece that we frame contains a mat design; double  mat or multiple mats and frame selection perfectly suited for the specific  piece of art. It is truly a custom combination, put together just for that piece,  thus the “custom framing” designation.

In our pursuit to give you the best possible end product, we work toward  achieving an overall balance and harmony in your framing. We work with  the colors in your image, using them as our guide in mat selection. The  matting process is very important to the end design. Using colors that dominate the image in the matting helps to bring out the other colors. If you want to see that splash of red we don’t put it in the mats. With our mat choices we bring out the overall beauty of the art so that it can be seen as a complete image and you are still able to enjoy those special splashes of color found within. On its own art is beautiful but once the right mat or mats and frame is chosen these enhance the inherent beauty of the work. Mats and frames help to give any piece of art a finished look.

Discover for yourself the quality and service that we offer. We have the expertise to professionally frame the perfect piece of art for your family room, home office, bedroom, or even your kitchen or bath. Let us become your personal framers and design the perfect combination of mats and frames for you special pieces.









School-Spirit-300x441Design your diploma frame the way you want it.  Old Main Frame Shop  offers the best selection of Penn State images to customize your Diploma  frame.  Choose from a wide assortment of solid wood frames and finishes.  Each diploma frame is custom made at our on-site facilities.

We use framing materials that are acid free, protecting that important  piece of paper from deteriorating.  Specialty matting is available to  enhance your Diploma with custom mat cuts.  Add a medallion or logo to  complete that one-of-a-kind look.

Are you receiving more than one diploma?  Are you receiving an Honors  Medal?  Are you receiving a special recognition award?  Our team will help you design the layout that best meets your needs to show off those  accomplishments.



Browsing and choosing art from Studio El  is an easy and hassle-free way of decorating your home.  In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house to place the order. You can search by color,  subject, or artist. The best part is you can select the size that you need for the space you need it for. Each work comes in a variety of sizes and substrates to choose from.  You’re not just limited to paper or canvas anymore. Printing technology has advanced exponentially. You can now choose from substrates such as bamboo, acrylic and metal. It just depends on the look you are trying to achieve. If you want a more earthy feel then stick with bamboo. If you desire a  a more modern look go with the metal.  

On Studio El you can also create your own portfolio by choosing images and adding them. Then you have a complete picture of the images you like and can decide which ones work the best with your decor. Once you’ve made your choice call us at Old Main Frame Shop 800 321 2275 and we can place the order for you. We can also advise you on any framing choices. Enjoy looking through Studio El’s website there are images for everyone! 



BeforeandAfterImage Many stores offer digital printing, Old Main Frame  Shop gives  your  project that creative edge.  The  team  suggests design layout, choices  in  printing substrates  and  photographic restoration advice.  We  do photo  finishing, photo touch up  and photo restoration.  We  can print  on archival watercolor papers,  photographic  papers (matte or  glossy), canvas or self-adhesive  photo paper.  With our Epson  equipment, the result  is super high-  quality, high-resolution digital prints.  You can send your high resolution files by email,  dropbox or bring them into the store on a flash drive  or CD. If you have a photo, we can easily scan it for you.  Our lab will use your digital files, negatives, slides or scanned photographs to create great memories for you.

Contact a sales representative to discuss the options on your next printing project.  Whether it’s a 5”x 7” print or a billboard size poster, the experts at Old Main Frame Shop will guide you through the process every step of the way. Call us at 800 321 2275 or email us at omfs136@aol.com with any questions you have about restoration or printing.

In the above example, which is part of a much larger print; our technicians carefully digitally scanned the print in several sections. They then worked on each piece individually to restore it. In the above section on the left, you can see that the bottom corner of the print is missing and that there is tape holding covering cracks and tears on the print. On the right you can see that the cracks and tears have been smoothed out and the corner replaced.

Wren 578144_Confetti 115653_owl platesSpecialty matting encompasses many different types of projects. Specialty  matting is used to enhance the framing process and make the end product  stand out. One of the ways specialty matting augments the framed image is  in wedding photos. With our Valiani mat cutter we are able to create  decorative openings that can include hearts, flowers, or a specially designed  flourish. These types of images and enhancements can be placed anywhere  on the mat and can be created with multiple mats to give depth and to add  different color combinations.

Another situation where specialty matting can enhance an image is a family  portrait or family vacation photographs. We can add little touches such as  your family’s surname on the mat or a palm tree cut into the matting for  your vacation photographs.  If you are framing some cute animal prints for a  nursery we can add a few animal shapes to the matting or even extend the  image onto the mat. Specialty matting is also a great way to chart your  child’s growth through the first year or through the first 18 years! We can  cut multiple openings into one mat and each month or year you can put in a  new image.

Specialty matting can also enhance sports photos and jerseys. Not only are we experts at shadow box framing but we are able to make your sports memories even more memorable. With our mat cutter we have the ability to add your team’s logo to any photograph or shadow box. In addition our mats come in just about every color so we can match your team’s colors in our matting process.

The examples of the uses for specialty matting are almost endless. Not only can it enhance a work of art or a sports jersey it can be used on its own to create a personalized photographic collage. We can cut a name, event, or date into a mat which can then be decorated using photographs from your collection. All it takes is a little cutting and taping and once your pictures are in place inside the letters or numbers you’ve created a memory that will last a life time.

If you have any art, photographs, jerseys or anything else you think would benefit from specialty matting stop by the store with it. Our designers will take a look at it and discuss specialty matting options and designs.


There are many types of mirrors; aluminum glass mirrors, low aluminum  glass mirrors, safety glass mirrors, silkscreen printed glass mirrors and  silver glass mirrors.

In general we recommend silver glass mirrors.  A silver glass mirror is  coated on the back surface with silver. This kind of glass is produced by  coating silver, copper film and layers of waterproof paint on the back surface  of float glass. A silver glass mirror is used in furniture, bathrooms and other  decorative applications. It provides a clear and actual image.

Silvered mirrors are produced in various thickness as; 3/32, 1/8, 3/16 and  ¼ inch. They come in many shapes including square, rectangular, oval,  architectural and circular. A mirror can be beveled or have a polished edge. The shape, thickness, size and enhancements play an important role when adding a mirror to a room.

Mirrors can make a room feel larger. In small rooms, apartments or narrow hallways, mirrors give a sense of openness. Placing a mirror opposite a large window or a set of French doors gives new views for the room. Mirrors are an effective idea to increase the look of enlarging a room. Mirrors can be a focal point in a room, especially when a beveled, framed mirror hangs over the fireplace, a couch or a settee.

So you have selected the type of mirror in relationship to the size, shape, and enhancements, let’s frame it. It is important that you choose the proper frame width. This is especially true if you select a wood frame. Style is very important but the width of the wood frame must be adequate to hold the size of the mirror. Large mirrors should have a minimum of 2 ½” profile frame. If you are selecting a metal frame, the profile or size that you select is just as important. Here again, you want to ask your professional picture framer to determine the proper profile width.

The great thing about working with a custom picture framer is that you are able to select frames that fit your décor, your style and your budget. A custom framed mirror is a great accent addition to any room.


Artwork displayed in your work environment suggests the personality of  your business.  Old Main Frame Shop delivers “on-time” and “within your  budget” commercial framing services for the hospitality industry, healthcare  facilities, government agencies and commercial businesses.

Our talented design team will do an on-site visit to evaluate your space.  We  will work with you in suggesting and selecting artwork.  We will frame your  artwork to compliment your interior.  Old Main Frame Shop offers delivery  and installation services, achieving the utmost in customer service. Email our  commercial account manager, Kathleen Davies at omfs136@aol.com or call 800 321 2275.

Old Main Frame Shop offers a multitude of options for any business. We work with several different art suppliers that    offer landscape, floral, abstract, and everything in between. We also have  frames that will work in any commercial environment. Plus if you want to  bring a little Penn State into your office space we can help you with that too.