So, you finally got your man cave. What do you do next? How do you decorate? What should you put it in it? We here at Old Main Frame Shop have helped numerous men out with their #PSU man caves. So here are a few tips.

First, get some blue paint. Don’t go crazy with a blue room, using the blue as an accent color won’t overwhelm your walls. Perhaps paint one of the walls blue and leave the rest white or using painters tape create a blue stripe around the room. Then you can get some blue and white furniture to complete the look. Choose a blue couch with great white or even #PSU accent pillows.

Second, choose what’s important to you. There is a lot of #PSU art, memorabilia, blankets, throw pillows, etc. Take your time to build up a collection you like and can be proud of. Whether it’s a signed jersey, or a great photograph of the #PSU football team running onto the field pick out the items that speak to you. Don’t just grab it because it’s blue & white pick something that will integrate with your existing décor.

And if unfortunately you can’t make it to a game then kick back watch the game and enjoy!